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Dynamic Brother-Sister DUO...

Julian and Jasmine have been wowing crowds since a young age. With the help of veteran musicians Derek and Troy, Ides of Mae is a statement on modern rock and mainstream pop. Their blend of catchy melodies and slick composition creates a unique sound never before heard. 

“It was evident from early on that we were on to something special” says bassist Derek who joined in 2014. Those jam sessions birthed the Ides of Mae EP: an unapologetic musical statement. During the recording process, it became evident that without a stellar vocalist, the project would never be complete. At that time, Jasmine, an accomplished vocalist in her own right stepped onto the scene to complete the sound that Julian and Derek had been searching for.

"The Ides are a time equidistance from the beginning and the end. And Mae, the titular character in the narrative of life provides the framework for what we do”, says Jasmine. Ides of Mae, a musical project devoted to the human experience. The tensions and the tragedy. An anthem of hope for all.

Ides of Mae made jump from regional to national quicker than anyone could have imagined. In the short time of a year, Ides of Mae has already played several successful tours through the Rocky Mountain region and the greater midwest. Audiences all over have been amazed with their eye-grabbing stage performance and engaging musical dynamics. 

Over the course of 2016, Ides of Mae recorded their full length album, "Time Runs Out" which includes singles “One More Second Chance” and “Better”. Arriving on all digital platforms March 1st, 2017

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Meet The Band


Jasmine - Vocals

Jasmine was born into a musical family and was singing by the age of five. In high school Jasmine won awards as a solo vocalist in CHSSA Jazz and in a cappella competition. An entrepreneur at the age of 19, Jasmine owned and operated her own business while touring professionally as a vocalist. Teamed with her brother Julian, Jasmine serves as one of the primary songwriters in Ides of Mae. Her lyrical ability and excellence as a vocalist brings soaring heights to the dynamic range of the band. “Our music gives a voice to those in need of an anthem of hope. Ides of Mae gives me the opportunity to sing about the tensions and struggles of the human experience.”


Julian - Guitars, Etc.

Multi-instrumentalist Julian Michael has been gigging since the age 11. By the age of 15, Julian was a published songwriter and had won the prestigious Woody Herman Jazz award for excellence in music. Already an accomplished drummer and pianist, Julian taught himself guitar at the age of 16 and went on to graduate with honors from John Brown University with a degree in vocal music. Julian has released four solo albums in addition to his contributions in Ides of Mae and played in multiple national touring bands. “For me, music is all about authenticity and transparency. Ides of Mae is compelling musically and retains the heart and sensibilities of good songwriting. It’s progressive pop at it’s finest.”


Derek Rickett - Bass, Etc.

Derek had a love of music from an early age and was writing music by the age of 12. By the age of 19, Derek was a sought after studio bass player in his home state of Michigan and touring with several bands. Using the knowledge he acquired in the studio, Derek became a professional audio engineer, mixing arenas for years before starting Ides of Mae. “It was quickly apparent that Ides of Mae would become something more from the very first day. We have a unique approach music and believe that every note that gets played is a chance to make a statement.”


Troy Townsley - Drums, Etc.

Troy Townsley has played in touring bands since the age of 9. The son of a preacher, his gospel and bluegrass roots form the rhythmic base of Ides of Mae. Troy’s play has earned him multiple endorsements from custom drum manufacturers including Risen Drums, Dream Cymbals and Westone Audio. Troy and Derek have been in bands together for the last 10 years and dedicated thousands of hours to creating a memorable dynamic that transcends the mold of a typical rhythm section. “My goal in Ides is to create a base for the music that speaks rhythmically to the heart and soul of every listener”.


Endorsements and Gear

The following section changes on a regular basis



2013 Les Paul Traditional - Inverness Green
2009 Gretsch Electromatic ProJet with TV Jones Power'Trons - Black

1996 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Handwired // 2007 Marshall 1960Lead A Cab // 1960 Gibson Scout

TC Electronics - Polytune // JHS Sweet Tea // Lazy J Cruiser // Boss Slicer // Electro Harmonix - POG2 // TC Electronics - Nova Delay // TC Electronics - Flashback delay

AKAI - Advance 49
Korg - SV-1


Risen Drums (Mahogany) // 22x14 kick // 15x15 floor // 16x16 floor

Pearl Sensitone (Brass) 14x6.5 // Pearl Master Custom (Maple) 14x7 // Pork Pie Pig Lite (Acrylic) 14x6.5 // 1963 Ludwig Acrolite 14x5.5 // Pearl M-80 Popcorn Snare 10x5

15" Dream Vintage Bliss Hats //  22" Dream Vintage Bliss Ride // 2 - 19" Dream Bliss Crashes 

Vic firth sd9 drivers // Remo controlled sound / ambassadors on snares // aquarian super kick // remo coated vintage emperors or remo black pinstripes on toms // PureSound Snarewires (Super 30)

Apple products // Presonus Studio One // Westone Pro 30s




Fender Basses

Ampeg Amplifiers and 8x10 Cabinet // David Eden Preamps

Ernie Ball VP Jr. // EHX Russian Big Muff // Eventide H9 // Zvex Wooly Mammoth // SourceAudio Hot Hand // Ibanez Tube Screamer // Boss LIne Selector

Korg mircoKORG